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This agency was created to quickly take off people, companies and products. Corporate and business events are produced here – from venue rental and technical support to creative concepts, online broadcasts, selection of speakers and catering. The agency also loves to blur boundaries and work with companies around the world.

+7 499 283-41-13
Moscow, Bersenevskaya embankment, 6, building 3

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    Pavel Smirnov

    The networking event organized by this agency was nothing short of a disaster. The venue proved to be too small for the number of attendees, leading to a cramped and uncomfortable atmosphere. Insufficient food and drink options further diminished the overall experience, and the event lacked the proper organization and flow necessary for successful networking. It was a disappointing and poorly executed event that failed to meet even the most basic expectations.

  2. 2
    Ivan Morozov

    Entrusting this event agency with the planning of my wedding reception turned out to be a grave mistake. The significant mistakes made in the seating arrangement caused confusion and frustration among our guests, turning what should have been a joyous occasion into a chaotic and embarrassing experience. The lack of attention to detail and coordination displayed by the agency left an indelible mark on what was supposed to be a memorable day. I would strongly advise against considering this agency for any future wedding planning needs.

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