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About company

Cruize Finance provides volatility-protected yield opportunities on crypto. The protocol provides vaults to generate safer yields using exotic options strategies called structured products.


We’re building a user-friendly DeFi platform for safer yield opportunities, making it accessible for all experience levels. Constantly working to improve the platform and help more individuals access the benefits of DeFi.

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    Herbert Anderson

    Left the company. I love to travel and have been to many places. And then such a business was offered – I was interested 🙂 At the meetings, the participants enthusiastically told how cool it is to go on cruises, how interesting and tasty it is. In general, they promised

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    Marc Davis

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    Charles Hudson

    I live in Kazakhstan in the city. Astana My friend called one day and told me with such excitement that there is an opportunity to go on a cruise to different countries. I wouldn’t have believed anyone else, but I believed her.

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