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About company:

Auction of European cars, planes, yachts and watches provides customers with the opportunity to choose and acquire cars of various makes and models at automotive auctions throughout Europe. The company collaborates with various auctions and has access to a wide range of vehicles. Managers handle the acquisition of cars at Auction of European cars, planes, yachts and watches and ensure their safe delivery. On the website, you will find all the information and resources to make your choice and fulfill the dream of driving a car from Europe.

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  1. 1

    The whole transaction went great. Know how to please the client. Here my car is cheaper than others. Of course he wins over the others. The quality of the car is also impressive, I understand this, everything is just fine. In general, I’m happy!!!

  2. 2

    Used this company for the second time. And again I was pleasantly surprised by the competence and quality of work. The second car was delivered safe and sound, within the specified time frame. Pre-purchase advice and excellent work.

  3. 3

    I bought a Mercedes-Benz AMG GT63,2022,4.0 Benzin a great car for good money. Bought for 80.000€ Delivered in 4 weeks to the port of Jebel Ali.

  4. 5

    The purchase went without problems. The car was delivered quickly, the arrangements did not change on the go. Thank you for this service.

  5. 6

    The car fully meets all expectations. The car came to Oman in perfect condition. Bought through Land Rover Range Rover from a European auction.

  6. 7

    I found them in a telegram, paid an advance payment of 30%, and after 25 days I had the car. I paid the rest of the car when my car was waiting in line for loading and sending to me. Thank you.

  7. 8

    I can only say good things about the company. Their telegram channel has a very good selection of models. Delivery is fast, I was delivered to Qatar in Doha in 25 days.

  8. 9

    The car was delivered yesterday. Complaints to the technical condition, absolutely none. I am satisfied with the purchase.

  9. 10

    Everything works smoothly, any questions are answered in a simple accessible language. We were very worried, but in the end everything went great. We got what we wanted, maybe even better. The car arrived on time, all payments are transparent and understandable.

  10. 12

    For the second month I have been operating a car that I bought through this company, everything is clear, I am completely satisfied.

  11. 13

    We have already bought two cars through the company – first I ordered a Mercedes-Benz GLE400 for my daughter as the first car, and 4 weeks after a successful purchase I decided since everything was going so well to upgrade my car – I bought a Land Rover Range Rover.

  12. 14

    Everything went perfectly. Clear, specific, transparent. Thanks a lot! Bought Land Rover Range Rover 2023 4.4. I paid 120,000 euros for it. 30 thousand paid an advance payment and before sending me to Dubai paid the remaining 90 thousand. Super car!

  13. 15

    I liked the attitude of the guys towards the client, always in touch, the manager advises in detail on all issues, checked the history of the car before the auction, full support. I can advise!

  14. 16

    Provide a full translation of the auction sheet and photos of cars. Payment is clear. Everything according to the contract, the car paid for the auction directly personally, by SWIFT transfer. Companies Like!

  15. 17

    Thank you for the car, I’m sure that the best choice is a car from Europe – the price and quality match. I paid 30% of the cost of the car, the rest of the car paid as I was provided with transport documents for my car before loading and sending it to Saudi Arabia.

  16. 18

    I bought a Porsche 911,2023,2.9. Thank you, fast delivery of the car from Europe to Oman city Muscat. Paid an advance payment for the purchase of a car from an auction. Already as the car was bought, I paid the remaining amount for the car. With all the costs, the car cost 103 thousand euros.

  17. 19

    Got my new car from the auction and I’m just happy! The buying process was very smooth and convenient. I signed the contract remotely and paid the down payment.

  18. 20

    I want to share my positive experience of buying a car at an auction. It all started with the remote conclusion of a contract and the payment of an advance payment. The company carefully handled the entire process from buying the car to preparing it for shipment to me. After I paid the remaining amount, the car was sent by ship directly to my port. Amazing journey of my new car! Thanks for the great service!”

  19. 21

    I recently bought a car at an auction with the help of this company – and the impressions are only positive! I signed a contract remotely and made an advance payment, and then the company bought and prepared the car for shipment. After paying the remaining amount, my car was sent by ship and delivered to me without any problems. The condition of the car was perfect, as described. Thank you very much for a great transaction experience!

  20. 24

    Bought a 2023 LAND ROVER DEFENDER in black in the first week. The car was paid for with usdt cryptocurrency and delivered quite quickly in 25 days to Milan.

  21. 25

    The car was bought quickly, the condition is just excellent. Paid the remaining amount by SWIFT transfer before sending to Dubai. I was given a confirmation from the transport company and a photo of my car. I recommend!

  22. 26
    Abdur Raheem

    Worked efficiently and promptly, well done guys! For 4 weeks I received my purchased car at a European auction. MERCEDES CLS350, 2021, 14.000KM – that’s what I bought myself.

  23. 27

    The experience turned out to be positive. After signing the contract and making the advance payment, all stages were completed within minimal time. My car arrived in Oman within 27 days. Before loading onto the ship, I also paid the full cost of the car.

  24. 28

    I purchased a 2023 Mercedes-Benz S680 with a mileage of 2,188 km for 188,000 euros. I want to express my gratitude to the company for their quality service and reasonable prices.

  25. 29

    The end result speaks for itself – I got the perfect car thanks to the conscientious work of the team that shares my love for cars.

  26. 32

    The process of purchasing a car at an auction was incredibly simple thanks to this company. I paid for the car with cryptocurrency USDT, and it was fast and convenient. The 4-week delivery time on the container ship was ideal. My car arrived in perfect condition, and I’m extremely satisfied!

  27. 33

    The condition of the car was of utmost importance to me, and I was pleasantly surprised. It looks almost brand new, and no one would believe it’s already three years old. My purchase met all my expectations, and I was very satisfied with the quality of service.

  28. 34

    I contacted the manager on WhatsApp, they responded promptly and I bought myself a Bentley Bentayga. It was a successful purchase, I’m glad.

  29. 35

    I applied for a car from this wonderful company and was very pleased, the delivery was fast, the procedures were simple, and the prices were reasonable. I bought a Bentley Bentayga. I actively use the car for work. paid with cryptocurrency. I paid only 30% of the cost of the car, the rest of the car was paid as they provided me with transport documents for my car before loading it on the ship.

  30. 36
    Ali Bashir

    I bought a Land Rover Range Rover at an auction, almost new, with tinted windows and protective body coating. I paid for the car as they provided me with transport documents for my car before loading it onto the ship.

  31. 37

    The company took care of all the details, including the purchase and preparation of the car for shipment. After paying the remaining amount, my car was sent by ship to me. Thanks to the company for the perfect organization

  32. 38
    Faaris Shaker

    This company took care of every detail, and I felt in safe hands throughout the entire car acquisition process. Paying with the cryptocurrency USDT was remarkably convenient, and I appreciate this payment method.

  33. 39

    Paying with USDT cryptocurrency made the process of buying a car at an auction quick and safe. My car arrived in perfect condition after 4 weeks on the container vessel.”

  34. 45

    My Range Rover purchased at auction was the perfect choice for me. The entire process from purchasing to receiving the car was flawless.

  35. 48

    After reading reviews about this company, I found many positive reviews and words of gratitude. Payment for the auction car was made, and it was just a matter of waiting for the ship to arrive at the port of Jebel Ali, which took about 4 weeks. To purchase the car, I paid 30% of the cost as soon as the car was acquired. I was provided with all the transport documents and a photo report. The remaining payment for the car was made before shipping from the port.

  36. 49

    I came across their promotional post on Instagram. After reading and familiarizing myself with their work, as well as noting reasonable car prices, I contacted them and did not regret it.

  37. 50

    This company took care of every detail, and I felt in safe hands throughout the entire car acquisition process. Paying with USDT cryptocurrency was remarkably convenient, and I appreciate this payment method. The shipping time on the container vessel was 4 weeks, and my car arrived in excellent condition. It was a fantastic purchase!

  38. 52

    My story of buying a car at an auction is a success story! I remotely signed a contract and made an advance payment, and then the company carried out the purchase and preparation of the car for shipment. I paid the remaining amount and my car was sent by ship to me. Everything went smoothly and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the car was exactly as described in the auction. Thanks for the wonderful services!

  39. 53

    I saw the Mercedes-Benz EQC400 on their website with a mileage of 1510km. I decided to make the purchase. I remotely signed the contract for purchase and delivery to Abu Dhabi. I am completely satisfied with the car!

  40. 56

    Despite a minor delay in delivery of four days, the car arrived in excellent mechanical condition. It was in factory paint and had no damage. I have no complaints about this, and I am ready to recommend this company.

  41. 57

    Cooperating with this company has been a true revelation for me. Remote contract signing and the option to pay via SWIFT transfer were incredibly convenient. Paying the advance when signing the contract added to my confidence in the deal. After receiving the loading report and transport documents, I promptly paid the remaining amount. The 4-week delivery time on the container ship, and my car was delivered in excellent condition. I’m extremely pleased I chose this company!

  42. 60

    My impressions of the car fully meet my expectations. It is in perfect condition, and it seems like it’s brand new despite being three years old. I haven’t found a single scratch, and it has no issues. My purchase met all my expectations.

  43. 62
    Tarek Rashid

    The company successfully handled my task. Everything was organized clearly, professionally, and without unnecessary questions. I am paying in installments and remain satisfied with the cooperation!

  44. 64

    I paid the down payment when signing the contract, and after receiving the loading report and transport documents, I paid the remaining amount. The delivery on the container ship took only 4 weeks, which turned out to be very fast.

  45. 65

    Using the advertisement of this company on Instagram, I familiarized myself with their work and verified the reasonable prices for cars. I sent an advance payment to purchase a car from the auction and signed the contract. After 4 weeks, I received my car. It’s worth noting that I made the final payment before the car was loaded onto the ship.

  46. 66
    Osama Habib

    I spent a considerable amount of money, buying a Land Cruiser for the whole family. So, everything should be reliable and without flaws. I bought the car in December.

  47. 67
    Nidal Rawi

    The car was delivered on time, without any problems or additional payments. I paid for the car, delivery, and auction fee, and after 4 weeks, I picked up the car at the port in Jeddah. I separately paid 3000 euros for delivery.

  48. 68

    I would like to express gratitude to the entire team. They are professionals in their field, and all transactions were conducted honestly and transparently.

  49. 70
    Karim Abdel Rahim

    It is also worth noting the excellent work of the company’s team, from the auction to the delivery. They flawlessly organized this journey. My car had no damage, as if it had just come from the auction. The company really pays attention to details, and it shows in the final quality. They share my passion for cars!

  50. 72
    Abdullah Suleiman

    I am satisfied with the car and the delivery time; they succeeded within 28 days. I received exactly the car I wanted to buy. The brand, model, and configuration fully match my preferences. More companies like this one would be great.

  51. 75
    Ahmad Qara

    The company brought me a BMW XM, 2023, 4.4. We discussed that the payment would be made from a legal entity via SWIFT transfer. It’s been a month already, and I’m very pleased with the car!

  52. 77
    Karim Adnan

    I’ve always driven MERCEDES-BENZ, just updated periodically until someone recommended considering the JAGUAR E-PACE. I decided to give it a try and haven’t regretted it. I change cars every three years, maybe I’ll try something else in a year. Overall, I really liked the company’s service and attitude. They know cars like no one else.

  53. 78

    I had concerns but decided to trust and paid an advance for the car, but I worried for nothing! The company did everything as specified in the contract, bought the car I liked at the auction, and delivered it to my city. Everything was fair. I paid in installments, first 30% for the purchase and then the remainder upon delivery of the car to my city. Thank you for the car.

  54. 79
    Salem Saad

    I bought watches on this website and was satisfied. They are designed in a stylish and modern way, giving them an elegant look. The mechanisms work accurately and flawlessly, indicating high manufacturing quality.

  55. 80
    Jamil Saleem

    Mercedes-Benz S580, model year 2022, with a mileage of 850km. I paid in two stages. The first payment of 30% of the car’s price was 25,000 euros (as per the contract), and the second was upon the actual purchase of the car.

  56. 81

    Hi all. The company is good, they do all the paperwork themselves. It’s cool that you can buy a car in installments for a year at 3%, the monthly payment does not affect the family budget.

  57. 82

    I bought a car in installments, I could not buy in another way. Chose a 2021 Land Rover Range Rover. The conditions are favorable.

  58. 83
    Nasser Tamer

    I decided to buy and have a car delivered from a European auction and I am very satisfied. The company did everything quickly and professionally.

  59. 86
    Karim Said

    They brought the Lexus LX600. Quickly and without questions. Paid 30%, the rest – before loading onto the ship. Thanks to the manager for keeping in touch!

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